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Democrats at a crossroads: what's their next move?

Democrats at a crossroads: what's their next move?

With Joe's shockingly bad performance at Thursday's debate, Dems are in full panic mode. Should Joe resign? Who should replace him? And what to do about Princess Kamala? I turn to a Democrat insider.

Democrats are out to sea. All options to change course are tough. The waters are choppy and filled with sharks. Do Democrats keep “Ridin’ with Biden” in the hope that voters become innurred to the President’s cognitive decline? Or do they change skippers late in the regatta? Should they move Kamala to the top of the ticket and pair her with a female Vice President in a groundbreaking move? Or do they go in a completely new direction? Who would be that new option? What will the electoral implications be if they do? How would Biden electors respond? Biden donors? And what about all the black women who backed Biden because of Kamala?

Using the analogy of Schrodinger’s cat, are Democrats better off if they don’t open that box? Just change the conversation, laser in on Trump? It’s a complicated mess with no easy answers.

Thankfully, to sort it out, we have former House Director of Communications James Marshall Crotty and attorney Gregory Abbott, who was a member of the Minneapolis Charter Commission in 2020 when George Floyd was tragically killed.

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