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Oh Sonia, oh humanity! Democrats should be counting their lucky stars for expansive SCOTUS ruling on presidential immunity.

Justice Sotomayor in effect said the quiet part out loud: "Yes, I'm a partisan hack. Yes, getting Trump matters more than truth." Democrats don't realize how deadly a bullet they just dodged.

An expansive interpretation of presidential acts is tremendously beneficial to Joe Biden, who, minus the Monday, July 1 United States Supreme Court ruling in Trump versus The United States, could be charged with causing the deaths of innocent American women murdered by illegal immigrants who entered the country because of his deliberately open border.

If Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor had gotten her way, President Barack Obama could be convicted of murder for his drone strikes on Americans abroad. Democrats don’t want that. They want the law to be selectively applied to “Get Trump.”

Nota bene: At one point in the podcast, when discussing lower court cases, I said that an expansive interpretation of presidential immunity would be hazardous to Obama and Biden. I meant just the opposite.

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