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Should we take the keys away from dad?

What we saw Thursday night was sad. We watched our President, our pater familias, in a state of undeniable cognitive decline. Is it time for Biden's Cabinet to invoke section 4 of the 25th Amendment?

It’s tough to see a father in Joe Biden’s compromised condition. Whether dementia, Parkinson’s, sundown syndrome, or whatever we as an American family shockingly witnessed Thursday night, it’s bound to get worse from here. There’s no way a man with the President’s advanced neurodegenerative decline should be remotely near the nuclear codes.

I’ve seen saying it since 2020. Now, the Trump-deranged media is finally seeing it. As Joe himself would say, “Here’s the deal”: It’s time to have that talk with Dad and, at long last, take away the keys to the most powerful nation on earth.

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