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I ain’t no chump. I served for over five years as Director of Communications and Senior Policy Advisor for a high-ranking Member of the House Appropriations Committee. Previously, I covered education for Forbes and politics for the Huffington Post. To learn more about me, visit www.jamescrotty.com.

Here’s what others far more distinguished than “The Crotty” have to say:

“The Michel Foucault of ranters.”
—Film Director Alexander Payne (Sideways, The Descendants)

“The world’s leading Libertarian Bohemian Republican.”
—U.S. Congressman Jeffrey Lane Fortenberry (NE-1)

“The hippest man in America.”
The Portland Oregonian

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A social lib, anti-NeoCon, law-&-order indie, Crotty writes about culture & politics, noting trends long before mainstream media. Neither Left nor Right, he just is. Read his Crotty Farm Report to get ready for what will be crotty.substack.com/